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Sat. Jul 25th 2020
Task force 129 was dispatched to the unit block of Fithian Ave for a fire in a detached garage. 12901 arrived to find a working fire in the garage. Engine 1291 forced entry and stretched a handline to...
Tue. Jul 7th 2020
Ladder 129 responded to the 9100 block of River Rd early this morning for a fire in a commercial building.
Fri. Jul 3rd 2020
Firefighters responded to multiple incidents throughout the Borough from the storm that passed through this afternoon. Please use caution and report downed power lines, do not touch them.
Thu. Jul 2nd 2020
Engine 1291 worked with Flanagan’s Towing to maneuver a tractor trailer from being stuck under a tree on Maple Ave yesterday afternoon
Wed. May 27th 2020
Engine 1291 covered Maple Shade Fire Department this afternoon while they operated at an all hands dwelling fire. Additional personnel staffed the station and answered a reported vehicle fire at Brown...
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Emergencies don't happen very often. But when they do, you want to get help fast. No one wants to spend time looking up the phone number. That's why 911 was created — to make it easy. In the United States and Canada, dialing 911 on your phone is the fastest way you can get help for yourself or someone else.

Getting that help is as simple as dialing 911. With those three numbers, you can reach the fire department, the police, or an ambulance. When you call 911, an emergency operator — called a dispatcher — immediately connects you to the person you need.

Each year more than 2,500 people die and 12,600 are injured in home fires in the United States. But unlike other disasters, home fires can be prevented! It's important to know this: Fire is fast! There is no time to gather anything or make a phone call. In just two minutes, a fire could kill you. In five minutes, a house could be swallowed in flames.

Fire is hot! Heat and smoke could be even more dangerous than the flames. Breathing in really hot air could burn your lungs, and fire produces poisonous gases that can make you sleepy and unable to escape. Fire is dark! It can be hard to find your way out of your house in a fire. Fire is deadly! Fire uses up oxygen you need to breathe and produces smoke and poisonous gases that kill.


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