At approximatly 7:00am of the 4th Engine 129 was dispatched at a dumpster fire in the parking lot on the 100 block of West Maple Ave. E1291 and E1292 responded and extinguished the fire.
Sunday, July 3rd, 2022
At approximately 10:30 am Engine 129 was dispatched to a 2-car motor accident in the unit block of West Maple Ave
Saturday, July 2nd, 2022
at approximately 7:20 am Engine 129 was dispatched to for mulch that was smoldering in the 100 Block of South Centre Street.
Engine 1291 was dispatched to a tree that had fallen across the roadway. E1291 cut the tree up and cleared the roadway.
Fire Prevention

The primary goal of the Bureau of Fire Prevention is to prevent fires by assuring that all publicly occupied structures are maintained in
accordance with nationally recognized fire safety codes and standards. The Bureau of  Fire Prevention has been established to promote fire safety in the
Borough of Merchantville for many years now. Due to the high increase in loss of life during the 1970's and 1980's, the State of New Jersey
adopted The Uniform Fire Codes of New Jersey. These codes help business, landlords and homeowners create a safer working and living condition.

Currently the Fire Prevention Bureau consists of a part time Fire Official or Fire Marshal. The Fire Official or Fire Marshal is Kevin J. Patti.
He oversees all inspections of commercial buildings, businesses and multi –family dwellings which are designated as Life Hazard Uses and/or Non-Life Hazard Uses.
The Fire Marshal's Office also helps businesses in the town to set up and operate within the guidelines of the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code.
The Fire Marshal's Office also responds throughout the Borough to complaints that are reported. Some complaints
may consist of open burning, fire alarm activations, structural fires, commercial fires, illegal fireworks, and fire lane blockages.
The Fire Marshal's Office is available to provide fire safety training for the businesses and schools in the Borough of Merchantville.
Lectures on fire extinguisher training and evacuation planning are some topics that are provided. The Fire Marshals office can also provide home fire safety inspections
for Borough residents in single family dwellings. Another important function of the Fire Marshal
s Office is to respond to and investigate all reported fires or explosions occurring within the Borough.
The Fire Marshal
s Office assists other agencies with the determination of the origin and cause of the fire. These investigations
are performed in conjunction with the Merchantville Police Department, Camden County Fire Marshal
s Office, and Camden County
Prosecutors Office’s Arson Unit.


Every commercial building, business and multiple-family dwelling in the Borough must be registered and inspected to ensure that all buildings abide by the Uniform Fire Codes of New Jersey.

 Some of the more common found violations that are found by the Fire Prevention Bureau are:

  • Blocked Fire Exits- All Exit doors must be kept clear at all times.

  • Annual fire alarm testing and certifications

  • Exit lights not illuminated- Exits lights must be lit at all times.

  • Emergency Lights not working- these lights provide light to the occupants in case of emergency. they should be tested for 30 seconds once a month and 60 minutes once a year and keep a record of the test

  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance- these must be maintained tested yearly, the testing company will place a tag on each extinguisher showing when the last test date was.

  • Fire Extinguishers required- Each business should have at least one fire extinguisher is a 2a 20bc. Please check with the Fire Prevention Bureau for how many is required.

  • General house cleaning- All storage should be stored in a neat and orderly way.  Do not let items that can easily catch on fire accumulate.

  • Extension cord: These are only permitted for use as a temporary power source, such as plugging in a drill. Extension cords are prohibited as a permanent means of a power source.

  • Blocked utilities. Keep electrical panel and gas meter clear of storage. 

  •  Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries in smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors at least once a year. It is preferred twice a year.

There are many more violations that can be cited,  Down load a copy of Preparing for the inspection by clicking the link below. Please check with the Bureau if you have any questions.


Preparing for the Inspection Checklist



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